Logistics Services


Freight is our specialty. But providing exemplary service is our first priority. With a well-maintained fleet of trucks manned by some of the best drivers in the business. We provide cross-border, long distance shipping services to our valued customers in Canada and the United States.

What we can move:

  • Non-Hazardous Materials
  • Beverages
  • Building Materials
  • Recreational Equipment
  • General Freight
  • Household Goods
  • Paper Products

Paraclete Transport's Vision Statement

We don’t roll like some of the bigger outfits that we share the roads with. We’re different and we like it that way. So do our customers.

With Paraclete you get what you should be able to expect from a company like ours – a personal touch and genuine care that lets you know that your freight is in good hands. We are often able to interpret and predict our customers’ needs, and we can offer them a higher standard of customer service than they receive elsewhere.

With our new website and state of the art tracking system, you will never be left wondering about the status of your shipment. We offer total transparency with regard to how we ship your materials, giving you the trust and confidence that you need to become lifelong partners with us.




Norm Thiessen

Co-owner, President

877.907.2557 EXT. 232

Sherilyn Thiessen


877.907.2557 EXT.

Andrea Roteliuk

Accounting/Human Resources

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Tina Mudge

US Load Planner

877.907.2557 EXT. 226

Wendell Martens

Canadian Load Planner

877.907.2557 EXT. 229

Laura Friesen


877.907.2557 EXT. 227

Dianne O’Neil


877.907.2557 EXT. 228

Jackie Letkeman


877.907.2557 EXT. 230

Frank Nauhauser

Shop Administrator/Safety And Compliance

877.907.2557 EXT. 221

Travis Mudge


204.856.5531 EXT.

Aaron Thiessen


204.856.5531 EXT.

Dan Peters


204.856.5531 EXT.

Do you still have questions regarding our services?

We understand that every one of our clients’ needs are unique, and as a smaller outfit we can often flex to accommodate. Connect with us today so that we can figure out what works for you.