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Frequently Asked Questions

The word ‘Paraclete’ derives from the Medieval Latin and Greek as both a noun and an adjective meaning “called to help”. We felt it was a more than an adequate namesake for building our brand based on service and professional expertise.

Paraclete Transport is a privately-owned carrier providing full load (FL) and less than truck load (LTL) services in the United States and western Canada.

We specialize in shipping non-hazardous materials, dry goods, beverages, building materials, recreational equipment, household goods, paper products, and general freight for our valued Canadian and American customers.

Contact us today for a quote. Prices will vary depending on whether loads are TL (full trailer) or LTL (less-than a full trailer), and of course the distance to their destination.

Shipping times can vary due to a lot of factors. Most shipments reach their destinations within 10 days. For our customers’ convenience, we have made available an online tracking system for all shipments. Simply enter your load ID to see where your materials are.

If you have your load ID handy, please enter it into our online tracking system to see the status of your delivery.

If you don’t have your load ID handy, or need to talk to someone about your shipment, please contact us today.

Sometimes things come up mid-shipment. We understand. If you have questions, or require a change made to a request for shipping, please contact us. One of our team members will be happy to help resolve your concern.


We understand that every one of our clients’ needs are unique, and as a smaller outfit we can often flex to accommodate. Connect with us today so that we can figure out what works for you.